20 Jul 2018

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tub Transfer Bench

So when you think about what parts can be dangerous in your home for you. You might not be able to think about bathroom immediately, but honestly, this is the part of your home where most incidents happen. This can happen to those people especially who are suffering from a disability. And it's a fact that bathing is a necessary part of everyone's life. But there are so many ways to deal with these kinds of problems, so no-one can face such experiences. And according to a research, more than 80% of people falls occur in the bathroom.

For this solution, a Tub Transfer Bench is one of the best options for those people who are facing disability problems.

Here I am going to explain what things you have to consider before buying a tub transfer bench. Let’s have a look here.

Padded vs. Non-padded Transfer Bench:

So these Kinds of tubs come in two different surface types, and they are padded and non-padded.

Padded benches are comfortable for those who are thin and boney and like to take long showers. Yet padded Transfer Benches are more expensive than un-padded ones. So if you are lighter in weight you should go for padded transfer benches.

Non-padded transfer benches are mostly less expensive. And as its surface is hard and easier for you guys to push down and has less friction than the padded benches. And you can easily move it.

Back vs. No Back:

So here is another example of Transfer Bench, so you can decide whether it’s comfortable for you to buy it or not. So having a back on a tub transfer bench can be more comfortable for you to sit on because if you are surfing from back pain that you cannot sit without a back on a tub transfer bench so then this transfer bench is better for you than having no back on a tub transfer bench.

Fixed Height vs. Adjustable Height:

Adjustable height legs are more convenient than the fixed height legs for many reasons. Firstly there is a big difference between a 6-foot 2-inch person and 5-foot 2-inch person. So having adjustable legs allows both to use the same tub Transfer Bench and it will be worth paying some extra money. And yes there are possibilities that the bathtub is slightly higher than the floor.

Suction Cups vs. Padded Tips:

Having more than one choice is always helpful while selecting any product. So basically the purpose of suction cups is to add an extra level of security to prevent it from moving. You can add suction cups to two legs that can fit inside the tub for tub benches. And in case of shower seat, you can add suction cups to all four legs.

Bariatric Bath benches:

These kinds of benches are designed to support a higher weight capacity. So this would be helpful for those people who are overweighted and are not comfortable with the other options. And they are equipped with crossbars or 6 legs which you can extend down below the seat to provide some more stability.


So after reading this article, I think you might be able to choose your suitable Tub Transfer Bench. And yes having different choices for your selected product will always help you to choose best for you.