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7 Sept 2014

What Are The Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

There is no doubt that Electronic cigarettes are saving thousand of lives daily. There are many effects of electronic cigarettes some of them are good while some are bad. Here in this article i will tell you about its good and bad effects, although it helps smokers in getting rid of tobacco but somehow it has also become a source of some deaths. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free but still it can give you lung disease. Tobacco cigarettes contain thousand of chemicals which are harmful to you and Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarette) contain some of them. Lets take an example, Nicotine is the chemical found in both E-electronic and tobacco cigarettes and has been proved that it reduce bone health. There are many effects of electronic cigarette and i am going to share some of them with you. Lets talk about some good effects of it.

Parts of Electronic cigarette, photo source riadzady images.

Good Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

For a non-smoker there isn't any benefit of taking electronic cigarettes but for a smoker it is like medicine which will help them in getting rid of tobacco cigarette.

1. Tobacco Free

One of the best benefit of taking electronic cigarette is that it doesn't contain tobacco which causes several disease. There are about one billion smokers in this world and Tobacco itself cause about 5.4 million deaths per year which shows how danger it is for us but thanks to Electronic cigarette which is tobacco free.

2. Smoke Free

Electronic cigarettes are odor and smoke free, in tobacco cigarette the smoke produces when tobacco burns but in e-cigarettes the process of producing vapor is kinda different. There is a vaporizing chamber and cartridge filled with e-liquid, when you puff the battery heat up the e-liquid which produce vapor.

3. Low Cost

Here is another amazing benefit of e-cigarettes. A quality E-cig will cost you about 40-100$ and 600$ cartridges per year. It means you will have to spend about 650$ per year for smoking but if you take tobacco cigarettes, it will surely cost you more than 1000$ per year. (source abcnews.go.com)

4. Social 

There are a lot of places where smoking isnt allowed it is because of smoke and harmful effects of smoke on others but as we know that electronic cigarettes produce vapor which is safer and odorless so you can take it anywhere.

5. Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco is an addictive chemical found in normal cigarettes and it causes many diseases, Electronic cigarettes will help you in getting rid of this addictive chemical. E-cigarettes are tobacco free but they still have great taste and nicotine which will give you the same feeling, so why use tobacco cigarettes when you have something which is safer and better than it.

6.  Freedom

you can take e-cigarettes where ever you want because they are odor-less, smoke-less, no need to have matches or lighter. Tobacco cigarettes emit tar, ash and smoke so you need a safer place for it but for an electronic cigarettes there is no need to go anywhere they do not have ash,  they emit vapor instead of smoke.

7. Health

You can say that this one is the best advantage of taking electronic cigarettes that they do not give you any serious health disease unlike tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes give a lot of disease

You can see the major diseases caused by cigarettes in above pic. Electronic is much more better than it, although it also have some disadvantages but it is much more better than tobacco cigarettes.

So these were some good effects of electronic cigarettes but as we know everything have some disadvantages or bad effects, some of them are as following.

Bad Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

 1. Popularity Of E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are getting popular day by day, every new teen try to taste it and get addicted to it. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes do not have harmful chemicals, non-smoker are switching to smoking. It doesn't matter what you smoke it will give you health disease, it can be said that it is good for smokers but bad for non-smokers, only in U.S millions of teenagers have started smoking because of electronic cigarettes. 

2. Lung Damage

Yes i am talking about lung damage, e-cig don't burn tar, they are tobacco free but still they can damage your lungs. It is an issue with e-cigs, there are some toxic chemicals which found in both electironic and tobacco cigarettes. Scientist are still researching on it, it isn't that much safe as we think it is.



2 Sept 2014

What Is Ebola Virus Disease: Its Symptoms, Facts And Prevention Tips


It is an epidermic decease which has been found in African monkeys, chimps and other animals. The 2014 Africa outbreak of Ebola virus is one of the largest and dangerous outbreak of the history. First it was suspected in African monkeys and chimps and then it transferred into humans by their bodily liquid. It was discovered in 26 August 1967 and from 1976-2013, WHO ( World Health Organization ) has registered 1,176 confirmed cases. The largest outbreak is 2014 ongoing West Africa Ebola outbreak which has lead 1,145 people to death yet. After reading this news i have decided to write an article on Ebola Virus Disease in which i will tell you some symptoms to diagnose it, treatment and prevention tips and some facts about it.

credit www.cdc.gov
You can see the number of effected people in West Africa, it is raising exponentially. This is the first time Ebola has been spread by commercial flight. There were 2-3 effected people found in Pakistan which isn't even near to West Africa. So if you belong to any place near West Africa stay very alert and follow prevention tips. Here are some Symptoms of Ebola Virus disease which will help you in diagnosing it.


There are some symptoms of Ebola Virus which are as following.

  • Headache
  • High fever
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Stomach pain
  • Joined and muscles aches
  • Lack of appetite
 And if it get severe it causes bleeding, blood will come out from eyes, nose, ears and also you can have blood vomiting.


There isn't any licensed medical treatment of Ebola Virus but there are some hospital supportive prevention tips which will help you. 
  •   Replace lost blood
  •   Provide as much oxygen need
  •   Stay away from animal's blood and body fluid
  •   Stay away from Ebola infected patients
  •   Blood pressure medication
  •   Treat other infections 


  • There are five types of ebola from which four can cause disease in humans
  • It is the first time when it is spreading through commercial flights
  • The first guy who got infected by Ebola was through animal fluid
  • There isn't any vaccine or treatment of ebola yet but some doctor suggested preventions.
  • The scientists who were researching on Ebola also got that dangerous virus
  • It has been spread in US, Myanmar and some other African countries and decleared international emergency by WHO
  • Ebola get its name from Ebola river which is near the place where Ebola virus first found
Hope my article will help you in preventing from Ebola and the list of symptoms will help you in diagnosing it. If you have any question related to EBOLA VIRUS or any other health related topic then make a comment, we will try out best to help you out.