20 Jun 2014


Smoking is a process in which a person inhale and exhale the smoke of tobacco or drugs. Smoking is very common and addictive. A cigarette contains tobacco and tobacco has nicotine in it which causes addiction in people. Cigarette is very bad for lungs, brain , heart and even for you sex life too. There are a lot of smokers who don't even know about its facts. In this article I am going to tell you about the most shocking and interesting facts of smoking cigarette.

Here are the top 15 interesting facts about smoking cigarette.

1. Smoking cause 1 in 5 deaths only in U.S. annually.

2. Every cigarette you take decrease about 11 minutes of your life span.

3. A research says about 69% smoker want to quit smoking but they can not because of nicotine addiction.

4. Smoking near apples computer voids the warranty.

5. A single cigarette contain about 4800 chemicals from which 69 are those which cause cancer.

6. One day of breathing in Mumbai is equivalent to smoke 100 cigarettes.

7. Urea a chemical which is found in Pee added into cigarette to enhance its flavor. 

8. Recent studies says that cigarette damage your body within a minutes not in years.

9. There are about 10 million cigarette sold within a minute and in about every eigth minute someone dies because of smoking.

10. "Marlbolo man" was the character which was made to promote their cigarette, Actors who played Marlbolo man died of lung cancer. 

11. A regular smoker is 5 times more likely to die because of heart attack than a non-smoker

12. Smokers have 26% more chances to have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a disease in which men can no longer get or keep an erection for intercourse.

13. A secondhand smoke contains over 7000 chemicals in which 70 cause cancer.

14. There are only about 6% smoker who get success in quitting smoking.

15. The last but most interesting fact is that if you are regular smoker then after knowing about all these facts you are still going to smoke. 



  1. All these facts are so interesting for sure. just a few of them that i wasnt aware, like smoking near an apple computer voids its warranty!thats really shocking and i think i should research more on that.

  2. the above Health News is saying facts about cigarettes, Thanks for sharing this valuable information