21 Jun 2014

How To Stop Smoking Weed Or Cigarette

In this modern era Cigarette has become the most drug which i taken by about millions of young people daily. It is also called cancer stick because it causes mouth cancer, lungs cancer and many more other disease. According to a research it says that in only one cigarette there are about 4800 chemicals daily from which 69 are those which causes cancer. About 69% smokers want to quit smoking but only 6% of them are able to quit smoking without any treatment or therapy.  It is very difficult for a smoker to quit smoking because cigarette contains nicotine which is very addictive, dangerous and common drugs all over the world.

In this article i will give you step by step guide which can help you in quitting smoking. These steps can help you in quitting cigarette. If you want to stop smoking then you can, it depends on your will power. There is not any medicine or any food which will help you in quitting cigarettes, it all depends on your will power. If you want to stop that bad habit you can easily get rid of it.

Stop Smoking With A START.

 Lets stop smoking with START.

Select a date.

First but most important step is to select a date. Lets take a period of 10 days or two weeks. Select a date at which you will quite smoking at any cost. Don't try to stop it within 3-4 days it is not going to make effect on your smoking schedule. Take a period of about two weeks so that you can adjust the change.


Tell your friends and relatives. 

It is also important to tell your friends, family and other relatives that you are going to quite smoking, so that they can support you and also help you in quitting smoking. Mostly when i am in gathering of my friends and they are going to smoke they always ask to me for the cigarette so if you already told them about your quite-smoking plan they may avoid from asking you or taking cigarette in front of you. 

Avoid being alone.

It is also an important part. These little habits can help you in getting rid of cancer stick. Research says when you are alone you usually thinks about your secret stuff or about something which usually others people avoid to do. Maybe when you are alone you may think about cigarette and crave for a cigarette.

Remove cigarettes, drugs or tobacco products.

 As you are going to quite smoking then why do you still take them in your house. Remove all cigarettes and tobacco products from your house because when you will see them it will make you carve for it, so why take a risk just remove them from your house. 

Talk to your doctor.

 The last but very important step, don't forget to contact to your doctor for it. They will really help you in quitting the cigarette. Ask them for the withdrawal or any other alternative. These are the following products i can suggest you.

1.  Nicotine patch
2. Nicotine lozenges
3. Nnicotine gum 

But dont forget to take suggestion about these products. It is very important for you to ask from the doctor before taking any medicine. 

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  1. Besides nicotine patches and injections one strong thing to get rid of smoking is the will power. Unless you have that you can't really leave that addiction. I recommend an addicted person to watch motivational videos on that.

    Lucas Moore

  2. You should replace it electric cigarette or gum... before you stop, because it's kinda hard to start with.

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  4. wow.! Nice information about how stop smoking this Health News is useful for every smoker, So thanks for sharing this information.