5 Feb 2014

Daily Diet Plan To stay Healthy

Daily Diet Plan - It is very important to make a dieting plan for your daily life to maintain your fitness and health and if you are over weight then it is necessary for you to make a daily diet plan. Some people think that diet only means to eat less or to limit themselves to strict dieting guide but it is about managing your daily diet with planning that what you should eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In this post I am going to share some information about how to manage your daily diet plan.
Daily Diet Plan


To maintain better health it is very important to must take breakfast and the breakfast should be rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates which would help you to perform all your activities energetically. If you want to lose your weight then keep in mind the people who took breakfast regularly are successful to lose weight quickly without any harm.

You can add greek yogurt in your daily diet plan which has calcium and double amount of protein comparatively to simple yogurt. Bananas are also a good choice if you are in a hurry and getting late then you should eat bananas which will give you the ability to perform daily tasks actively. Eggs are very old breakfast food you should also take eggs in your breakfast because of protein it contains. If you have any kind of heart problem then don’t take it without the doctor’s advice.


One should also take lunch to regain the energy after doing daily tasks and it is also better for your health to eat an health meal in lunch to maintain your good health. If you are an office employ then don’t underestimate the importance of lunch because it will reenergize you to get back and start your work with same energy. Lunch would reduce your stress which is occurring due to consistent work. You should even make a diet plan to take your daily lunches that what to eat and what not to eat. You can eat Skinny Tuna Sandwich on Sprouted Grain Bread which would not allow your weight to increase because it is low in calories. Chicken Panini is another delicious dish you can eat at lunch which would satisfy your extreme hunger with it taste and only 290 calories it contains.


You should not go to sleep without eating dinner because many health problems could be developed if you are not having dinner. Take dinner approximately 2 or 3 hours before you are going to sleep, it would give time to your digestive system to do its work. You should a healthy dinner because after dinner you won’t eat for another 10 or 12 hours so it should be healthy. I would suggest you to go with protein rich foods in dinner by picking beef, chicken, fish or beans which you like. Don’t be very strict you can eat up to 400 calorie in dinner because there is a long night to go with no meal, but keep in mind that the dish you are making is low in fat.

This type of daily diet plan can help live healthy. 


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