28 Jan 2014

5 Health Benefits Of Banana You Might Not Know

Good health is a precious gift of God but you have to care of your health by yourself. In today’s developed world life become very fast and to get good quality food is difficult. Due to this fast life the people take less care of their health by eating fast foods and low quality food. Now it’s a time to retake natural foods and fruits to maintain your good health for a longer period of time and to avoid different kind of diseases. In today’s post I want to share some major health benefits of Banana. Banana is not a very tasty fruit like others but it is full of nutrients. Everyone could easily buy this God’s gifted fruit because it cheap in price but rich for your diet. In this post I will tell you that how banana could help you to make your health better.

health benefits of banana

Boost Energy Level

When you watch past football or cricket players you would notice that they are using bananas to boost their energy level or to regain energy. Banana has the capacity to boost your energy level quickly due to different types of minerals and nutrients it contains. So use banana if you want to quickly increase your energy instead of caffeine because the energy which you got from caffeine would lose in shorter period of time comparatively to caffeine. I would suggest you to eat two bananas a day to make you energetic.

Cure your Heart and strengthen your Bone

Banana will give your heart protection due to potassium and magnesium it contains. It will keep your blood pressure normal. And the banana will also help you to fight with stress and depression due to tryptophan it contains. It is very good for your bone and give strength to your bones because of nutrients like calcium, potassium it contain which give strength to your bones.

Increase Your Brain Performance

If you are student or office guy then you should include banana in your diet plan because it will boost your brain capacity to work for a longer period of time. The potassium which banana contains gave this ability to your brain because potassium is the mineral which make the signal ability inside brain required for electrical signaling between cells in the brain.

Health of Your Kidneys

Banana will take care of your health because the research conducted by International journal of Cancer tells that eating banana will lower your kidneys disease risk. The report also tells that women who eat banana regularly have less chance of kidney disease comparatively to those who did not eat bananas.

Good for Stomach

If you are suffering from stomach problems then give banana a try. Banana is an antacid, it will help you to get rid of heart burn and constipation because the high fibers banana contains. 


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