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7 Sept 2014

What Are The Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

There is no doubt that Electronic cigarettes are saving thousand of lives daily. There are many effects of electronic cigarettes some of them are good while some are bad. Here in this article i will tell you about its good and bad effects, although it helps smokers in getting rid of tobacco but somehow it has also become a source of some deaths. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free but still it can give you lung disease. Tobacco cigarettes contain thousand of chemicals which are harmful to you and Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarette) contain some of them. Lets take an example, Nicotine is the chemical found in both E-electronic and tobacco cigarettes and has been proved that it reduce bone health. There are many effects of electronic cigarette and i am going to share some of them with you. Lets talk about some good effects of it.

Parts of Electronic cigarette, photo source riadzady images.

Good Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

For a non-smoker there isn't any benefit of taking electronic cigarettes but for a smoker it is like medicine which will help them in getting rid of tobacco cigarette.

1. Tobacco Free

One of the best benefit of taking electronic cigarette is that it doesn't contain tobacco which causes several disease. There are about one billion smokers in this world and Tobacco itself cause about 5.4 million deaths per year which shows how danger it is for us but thanks to Electronic cigarette which is tobacco free.

2. Smoke Free

Electronic cigarettes are odor and smoke free, in tobacco cigarette the smoke produces when tobacco burns but in e-cigarettes the process of producing vapor is kinda different. There is a vaporizing chamber and cartridge filled with e-liquid, when you puff the battery heat up the e-liquid which produce vapor.

3. Low Cost

Here is another amazing benefit of e-cigarettes. A quality E-cig will cost you about 40-100$ and 600$ cartridges per year. It means you will have to spend about 650$ per year for smoking but if you take tobacco cigarettes, it will surely cost you more than 1000$ per year. (source abcnews.go.com)

4. Social 

There are a lot of places where smoking isnt allowed it is because of smoke and harmful effects of smoke on others but as we know that electronic cigarettes produce vapor which is safer and odorless so you can take it anywhere.

5. Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco is an addictive chemical found in normal cigarettes and it causes many diseases, Electronic cigarettes will help you in getting rid of this addictive chemical. E-cigarettes are tobacco free but they still have great taste and nicotine which will give you the same feeling, so why use tobacco cigarettes when you have something which is safer and better than it.

6.  Freedom

you can take e-cigarettes where ever you want because they are odor-less, smoke-less, no need to have matches or lighter. Tobacco cigarettes emit tar, ash and smoke so you need a safer place for it but for an electronic cigarettes there is no need to go anywhere they do not have ash,  they emit vapor instead of smoke.

7. Health

You can say that this one is the best advantage of taking electronic cigarettes that they do not give you any serious health disease unlike tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes give a lot of disease

You can see the major diseases caused by cigarettes in above pic. Electronic is much more better than it, although it also have some disadvantages but it is much more better than tobacco cigarettes.

So these were some good effects of electronic cigarettes but as we know everything have some disadvantages or bad effects, some of them are as following.

Bad Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

 1. Popularity Of E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are getting popular day by day, every new teen try to taste it and get addicted to it. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes do not have harmful chemicals, non-smoker are switching to smoking. It doesn't matter what you smoke it will give you health disease, it can be said that it is good for smokers but bad for non-smokers, only in U.S millions of teenagers have started smoking because of electronic cigarettes. 

2. Lung Damage

Yes i am talking about lung damage, e-cig don't burn tar, they are tobacco free but still they can damage your lungs. It is an issue with e-cigs, there are some toxic chemicals which found in both electironic and tobacco cigarettes. Scientist are still researching on it, it isn't that much safe as we think it is.



2 Sept 2014

What Is Ebola Virus Disease: Its Symptoms, Facts And Prevention Tips


It is an epidermic decease which has been found in African monkeys, chimps and other animals. The 2014 Africa outbreak of Ebola virus is one of the largest and dangerous outbreak of the history. First it was suspected in African monkeys and chimps and then it transferred into humans by their bodily liquid. It was discovered in 26 August 1967 and from 1976-2013, WHO ( World Health Organization ) has registered 1,176 confirmed cases. The largest outbreak is 2014 ongoing West Africa Ebola outbreak which has lead 1,145 people to death yet. After reading this news i have decided to write an article on Ebola Virus Disease in which i will tell you some symptoms to diagnose it, treatment and prevention tips and some facts about it.

credit www.cdc.gov
You can see the number of effected people in West Africa, it is raising exponentially. This is the first time Ebola has been spread by commercial flight. There were 2-3 effected people found in Pakistan which isn't even near to West Africa. So if you belong to any place near West Africa stay very alert and follow prevention tips. Here are some Symptoms of Ebola Virus disease which will help you in diagnosing it.


There are some symptoms of Ebola Virus which are as following.

  • Headache
  • High fever
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Stomach pain
  • Joined and muscles aches
  • Lack of appetite
 And if it get severe it causes bleeding, blood will come out from eyes, nose, ears and also you can have blood vomiting.


There isn't any licensed medical treatment of Ebola Virus but there are some hospital supportive prevention tips which will help you. 
  •   Replace lost blood
  •   Provide as much oxygen need
  •   Stay away from animal's blood and body fluid
  •   Stay away from Ebola infected patients
  •   Blood pressure medication
  •   Treat other infections 


  • There are five types of ebola from which four can cause disease in humans
  • It is the first time when it is spreading through commercial flights
  • The first guy who got infected by Ebola was through animal fluid
  • There isn't any vaccine or treatment of ebola yet but some doctor suggested preventions.
  • The scientists who were researching on Ebola also got that dangerous virus
  • It has been spread in US, Myanmar and some other African countries and decleared international emergency by WHO
  • Ebola get its name from Ebola river which is near the place where Ebola virus first found
Hope my article will help you in preventing from Ebola and the list of symptoms will help you in diagnosing it. If you have any question related to EBOLA VIRUS or any other health related topic then make a comment, we will try out best to help you out.

30 Aug 2014

Sugar Free Granola Recipe


  • 2 Cups of rolled oats
  • 1.5 Tsp sunflower oil
  • 2 Tsp olive oil
  • 1/4 Cup of orange juice
  • Handful strawberries
  • 1 Tsp sesame seed 
  • 2 Tsp of yoghurt 
  • 10 Almonds, sliced and skinned
  • 14 gm flax seed

1. Preheat the oven to 325° F 
2. Pour the juice onto the oats and put in all other ingredients. Spoon them onto the baking tray and even it out. 
3. Bake it for about 45 mins. Stir the mixture occasionally. 
4. Once done take it out and allow to cool. 
5. Mix in the hung yogurt, almonds and fresh fruits. 
6. Add a spoonful of honey if needed. (Tip : do not mix the yogurt and fruits a long time before serving otherwise it will become dry.)

Egg Breakfast Recipe


  • 4 Beaten egg
  • 1 Tsp salt
  • 4 Tsp butter
  • 4 Tsp milk
  • 4 Tsp grated onion
  • 2 Tbsp coriander leaves
  • Salt and pepper as per taste


1. Break eggs in a bowl add salt, black pepper and milk. 
2. Separately mix yogurt, salt , green chillies, coriander leaves in a bowl. 

For the rolls:

1. Drizzle 1 tsp butter in a pan and heat at high for a minute. 
2. Transfer 1/4 of the egg batter in the pan, flip cover and cook for a minute. 
3. Pass a knife under it so that it comes out easily. Transfer it to a plate. 
4. Repeat this step 3 more times with the rest of the mixture. 
5. Spread the yogurt on to the pancakes and roll them. 
6. Serve with coriander on the top!

29 Aug 2014



  • 8 sausages
  • 1 tsp oil
  •  2 onions
  • 200 gm grapes
  • 125 ml apple juice
  • 1tsp corn flour
  • pepper as per taste 


1.Take a pan and pour some oil in it. Heat the oil a bit and put in sausages. cook them until their water comes out. 
2. In a separate pan put in onion rings and saute till they soften. 
3. Keep on cooking the sausages till they their colour turns brown. 
4. Add fresh mint, apple juice and cornflour to the sausages. Lastly add grapes and onion rings. 
5.  Enjoy with mashed potatoes
Fruity sausage



  • 4 spring onions chopped 
  • 10 green olives  chopped 
  • 1 tsp black pepper powder 
  • 1 Tbsp virgin olive oil 
  • Salt to flavour 
  • 1 apple sliced
  • 2 onions julienned
  • 2 red peppers
  • 2 red chilies
  • 1 radish finely diced
  • 2 green chilies
  • 250 gm paneer
  • 1 par boiled corn
  • 1 par boiled potato


1. Take a frying pan and put it on the flame to heat.
2. Add chopped onions and red pepper.
3. Also add some radish, apple , potatoes ( boiled), cheese and corn (boiled)
4. Also add some green chillies, green olives and spring onions.
5. Finish off with salt, black pepper powder, extra virgin olive oil toss and take it out in a bowl.

In a bowl add some red wine, salt, black pepper powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, lemon juice, honey and olive oil. Mix it well. Mix the dressing and salad together. Its ready to eat!!



  • 6 eggs
  • 3 green chopped chillies
  • 2 potatoes
  • 4-5 tsp oil
  • 1 Tsp coriander leaves
  • 2-3 Tbsp onions
  • 1 cheese slice
  • Black pepper powder, a pinch


1. Take a few potatoes remove their skin and sprinkle some salt over them. 
2. Pour 4-5 tbsp oil in a frying pan and cook the potatoes until tender. 
3. In a bowl break the eggs and whip them until they get fluffy. To the eggs add freshly chopped coriander
leaves, 2-3 tbsp sautéed onions , finely chopped green chilies and the cooked potatoes.
5. Add salt and black pepper as per the taste. Whisk them well together. 
6. Take a frying pan pour just a tbsp of oil (preferably olive oil) and put in the batter. 
7. Cook for about a minute. Cover it with a lid so that it does not remain raw for about 2-4 minutes and till it gets golden brown. 
8. Turn it over so that the other side cooks as well. Cut, serve and enjoy!!



  • 1 potato
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 chopped celery sticks
  • 250 grams graphes
  • 250gm leeches
  • 1tsp parsley 
  • 4 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 cabbage
  • 1 tsp viniger oil
  • 1 tsp  apple juice
  • salt and pepper
  • 50 gm cashew nuts 
  • herbs to garnish
  • 1/2 poppy seeds


1. Mix all the fruits and vegetables together. 
2. Toss in some fresh parsley. 
3. In a pan heat some oil put in mustard seeds and poppy seeds. Allow it to cool. 
4. Also add vinegar and apple juice in the pan.Mix them well together. 
5. Pour it over the fruits and vegetables abd finish off with nuts and herbs on the top!




  •  1 Apple
  •  2 pears
  •  75ml Apple juice
  •  1tsp Honey
  •  1 Lemon
  •  75 gm cooked rolled oats
  •  250ml Yogurt
  •  1 diced almond
  •  1 tsp raisen
  •  1 tap grated Jagger


1. Add all the fruits in a bowl.
2. Add lemon and apple jiuce to moisten them. 
3. Mix in oats, honey and raisins. 
4. Also add yogurt and all other ingredients except jaggery. 
5. Place it in the fridge to chill. 
6. Garnish with jaggery and serve!



  • 1 big bowl boiled peas 
  • 2 green chilies chopped
  • 1/2 tsp madras curry powder
  • 3 boiled potatoes grated
  • 1/4 tsp coriander powder
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  •  1/2 tsp madras curry powder
  • 4 kaffir lime leaves finely chopped 
  • 1/4 tsp red chili powder
  • 6 bread slices   


1. Drizzle some olive oil in a pan. Add fresh chopped green chillies and boiled potatoes and saute them.
2. Put it in salt , red chilli powder, curry powder, lime leaves and boiled peas. 
3. Mash the potatoes and peas and cook them for about 2-3 mins. Allow them to cool when cooked.
4. Take bread slices and spread bitter on them.
5. Spread filling on half of the total slices and cover each with another buttered slice.



  •  4 Bread slice
  •  1 tsp salt
  •  1/8 tsp kali mirchi for taste
  •  chopped green chillies 
  •  1/2 cup cheese-granted
  •  1 tsp butter
  •  1 tsp chopped coriander leaves 

1. In a bowl put cheese, salt ,black pepper powder, coriander and chillies and mix them well. 
2. Take bread slices and butter evenly. 
3. Spread the cheese mixture on 2 slices on the side not buttered. 
4. Cover each slice with another one with buttered side up. 
5. Grill and serve!

28 Aug 2014


Ingredients you need to make french toast are as following.

  • 4 large eggs.
  • 1tp sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 10-12 slice white bread
  • Butter
  • maple syrup or other syrup


1. Take a shallow bowl wide enough for a bread slice
2.Break eggs in it and whisk them well. 
3.Add sugar, salt and milk and whisk well. 
4.Take a skillet and add butter or margarine enough to coat the pan with a thin layer of it. 
5.Take one slice at a time and coat it with the egg batter, make sure it soaks up the mixture. (Note : coat only the slices you will cook at a time) 
6.Gently put the slice on the skillet, cook it over low flame until both sides turn golden brown.
7.Serve it hot with butter or golden syrup.

What To Make For Breakfast | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been proved by the scientist that those who skip breakfast to lose weight or for some other reasons likely to have more weight, depression, heart diseases etc. A healthy breakfast provide 25% of total calorie intake per day. There are a lot of people who either completely skip the breakfast or eat in very small quantity , it is wrong because while sleeping we technically fast overnight and when we skip the breakfast it will add in our fasting period which can effect on metabolic system, blood sugar level and insulin output. According to a research one in ten children skips breakfast which can limit their learning ability.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. by (john gunther )

This quote shows the importance of breakfast. It will increase metabolism, maintain weight, enhance mood and will stimulate mood. Mostly Indian , Pakistani and Bangladeshi people used to take bread, omelet and tea with it but English people usually eat cereals, toast and muffins. These are the most common breakfast foods and people get bored of it so why don't you try a new breakfast tomorrow, in this article i am going to give you healthy breakfast ideas and some new recipes of breakfast.


what to make for breakfast is the first question rise in your mind whenever your try to make a new breakfast, hope my article will help you in getting the answer. Here are the 10 healthy breakfast ideas.

 1. Peas & Potato Sandwich

Peas and potato sandwich is such an easy and delicious breakfast. Get the recipe from here.

2. Fresh Fruit Muesli

. Mix fruits, yogurt, nuts, juice and enjoy the delicious mix fruit muesli breakfast. Get the recipe from here.

3. Carrot and Cashew Coleslaw


Another recipe of an amazing breakfast you can make tomorrow by carrots, cabbage , onion etc. Get the recipe from here.

4. Spanish omelette

How about having a spanish omelette in your next breakfast. This one is the winner if all breakfast recipe.
Get the recipe from here.

5. Cold salad

Cold salad is also an amazing breakfast you can take. Start your day with that delicious breakfast. Get the recipe from here.

6. Fruity sausage

Here is another delicious recipe of fruity sausage breakfast. It doesn't only look good but taste too Get the recipe from here.

7. French toast

That one is the most delicious and my favorite breakfast. For me French Toast is the best breakfast someone can eat. Get the recipe from here.

8. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Easy, tasty and quick breakfast, make Grilled Cheese Sandwich and enjoy your tomorrow's first meal. Get the recipe from here.

9.  Egg roll

Mix egg, yogurt, black pepper , milk and make Egg Roll breakfast, You can get the recipe from here.

10. Sugar Free Granola

Here is the last sugar free breakfast, it is tasty and easy to make. Here is the recipe of Sugar free granola breakfast.

26 Aug 2014


Acne is the most common disease which is caused by the accumulation of sebum. There are millions of oil glands on our skin especially on face, neck, chest etc, these oil glands produce sebum (an oily material ). Between the age of 13-27 these glands start making more oil because of hormonal imbalance, they clog the pores on our skin and start accumulating sebum and dead cells which cause acne. That's why usually female get ances while pregnancy , or in periods. Acne caused by hormonal imbalances is called hormonal cystic or adult acne. Hormonal acne is such a common type of disease in teenagers and adults.


Hormonal imbalance is the main reason of hormonal acne, mostly girls get hormonal acne because of their hormonal imbalance. When they start having their periods or while pregnancy they get ances. lifestyle, medication, lack of sleep, exercise can also cause hormonal disorder, even birth control pills can also cause throw off your hormonal level at any age. Hormonal acnes are deep and sensitive in touch, you may feel some sort of pressure and pain. There are some signs of hormonal ance.


There are some signs of hormonal acnes some of them are as following.


       For some women, a week before mensation is the time when they start having these ances and some get during pregnancy. These acnes never remain in the same condition sometimes they become worse and sometimes they are better but they wont run away completely.  


     These acnes located beneath the cheekbone, chin and along the jawline, they wont appear on your forehead or nose like all other types of acne does. I have seen many women with hormonal acne below their lower lip and if you have acnes on your chin then there are 80% chances that they are hormonal acnes.

     They are deep, pus-filled, cystic and sensitive in touch. you will feel pain around the area where you will have these acnes. They usually leave scar especially if you trying to pop out the pus to get relief. 

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25 Aug 2014

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Your Lungs

Electronics or E-cigarettes are battery powered devices which are used by mostly those smokers who want to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes have three main parts battery , atomizer and cartridge. Atomizer converts the liquid into smoke and the cartridge contains e-liquid. Usually all e-cigarettes have a real cigarette look brown inhaler and white battery and atomizer. They are usually used by those people who are addicted to cigarettes and want to quit smoking that's why they use e-cigarettes because they have same look and give the same feelings as a real cigarette does, one of the best advantage of e-cigarettes is that they don't have as much disadvantage as normal cigarettes have.

credit: www.e-smoking.com


How is it harmful for your lungs

It doesn't matter which cigarette you take it will harm your body. E-cigarettes converts the e-liquid ( liquid nicotine ) into vapor and it effects your lungs. There are some other chemical used in e-cigarette instead of nicotine. According to U.S Food and Drugs Administrator e-cigarettes have chemical like Diethylene Glycol (which is found in Antifreeze ),  Tetramethylpyrazine and Formaldehyde, when you smoke electronic cigarette traces of these toxic chemicals make a way into your body. These chemicals can even cause fatal diseases like cancer and other lung diseases

Electronic cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemicals that make some as harmful as normal tobacco, a new French study has claimed

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26 Jul 2014

The signs of diabetes

Diabetes has different signs. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes usually have similar signs. Gestational diabetes    usually shows no sign at all.

credit: www.diabetescare.com

Knowing the signs of diabetes is extremely important since it can help people know if they have it at an early stage in order to undertake treatment before the disease gives complications to the body. Doctors recommend people who are 45 years old and above to go to the doctor regularly in order to know if they have the disease. Moreover, people who notice the signs of diabetes on their body should immediately consult the doctor in order to get immediate treatment. The tests to determine if you have diabetes are not expensive at all. In fact, the earlier you do the test if you have the disease, the more cash you will be able to save.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has been known for over hundreds of years.  People with diabetes cannot produce insulin or has the ability to produce insulin but cannot utilize it.  Insulin is the hormone responsible for the maintenance of blood sugar level. Without insulin, the cells all over the body will be unable to receive sugars to be converted into energy. Thus, the ells starve for energy. Without sugar, cells will eventually die.

Diabetes mellitus has three kinds namely type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and type 3 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes wherein a person cannot produce insulin due to an autoimmune disorder. Type 2 diabetes is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes wherein a person is able to produce insulin but cannot utilize it properly. Type 3 diabetes also known as gestational diabetes is diabetes that occurs during pregnancy which may put the baby at risk. All three types of diabetes are irreversible. However, people can do their best to reverse diebetes type 2 in order to prolong their lives and to avoid complications.

The signs of diabetes for both type 1 and type 2 are very similar. For instance, affected people of either type 1 or type 2 diabetes frequently get extreme thirsty. As a result of drinking water more frequently, they urinate more than usual. Moreover, their urination frequently occurs at night. People may also experience lethargy, stupor, fatigue, and loss of energy. In some cases, a diabetic coma may occur. It is a condition wherein a build-up of ketones occurs in the blood. Neurological signs may also be experienced by affected people including numbness, tingling, increased appetite, weight loss, and blurry vision. Sweet and fruity breath is also a sign of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Similarly, when the urine becomes sweet due to sugars, like when ants go into your urine, then it is a sign that you have diabetes. People affected with diabetes will also find their wounds slow to heal.

Some women experience diabetes during pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes. In order todiagnose their disease, a glucose test should be administered.

A blood test can also be used to determine if a person has diabetes. The doctor will determine the amount of sugar in your blood and will use the results as an indicator if you have diabetes or not.

21 Jun 2014

How To Stop Smoking Weed Or Cigarette

In this modern era Cigarette has become the most drug which i taken by about millions of young people daily. It is also called cancer stick because it causes mouth cancer, lungs cancer and many more other disease. According to a research it says that in only one cigarette there are about 4800 chemicals daily from which 69 are those which causes cancer. About 69% smokers want to quit smoking but only 6% of them are able to quit smoking without any treatment or therapy.  It is very difficult for a smoker to quit smoking because cigarette contains nicotine which is very addictive, dangerous and common drugs all over the world.

In this article i will give you step by step guide which can help you in quitting smoking. These steps can help you in quitting cigarette. If you want to stop smoking then you can, it depends on your will power. There is not any medicine or any food which will help you in quitting cigarettes, it all depends on your will power. If you want to stop that bad habit you can easily get rid of it.

Stop Smoking With A START.

 Lets stop smoking with START.

Select a date.

First but most important step is to select a date. Lets take a period of 10 days or two weeks. Select a date at which you will quite smoking at any cost. Don't try to stop it within 3-4 days it is not going to make effect on your smoking schedule. Take a period of about two weeks so that you can adjust the change.


Tell your friends and relatives. 

It is also important to tell your friends, family and other relatives that you are going to quite smoking, so that they can support you and also help you in quitting smoking. Mostly when i am in gathering of my friends and they are going to smoke they always ask to me for the cigarette so if you already told them about your quite-smoking plan they may avoid from asking you or taking cigarette in front of you. 

Avoid being alone.

It is also an important part. These little habits can help you in getting rid of cancer stick. Research says when you are alone you usually thinks about your secret stuff or about something which usually others people avoid to do. Maybe when you are alone you may think about cigarette and crave for a cigarette.

Remove cigarettes, drugs or tobacco products.

 As you are going to quite smoking then why do you still take them in your house. Remove all cigarettes and tobacco products from your house because when you will see them it will make you carve for it, so why take a risk just remove them from your house. 

Talk to your doctor.

 The last but very important step, don't forget to contact to your doctor for it. They will really help you in quitting the cigarette. Ask them for the withdrawal or any other alternative. These are the following products i can suggest you.

1.  Nicotine patch
2. Nicotine lozenges
3. Nnicotine gum 

But dont forget to take suggestion about these products. It is very important for you to ask from the doctor before taking any medicine. 

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20 Jun 2014


Smoking is a process in which a person inhale and exhale the smoke of tobacco or drugs. Smoking is very common and addictive. A cigarette contains tobacco and tobacco has nicotine in it which causes addiction in people. Cigarette is very bad for lungs, brain , heart and even for you sex life too. There are a lot of smokers who don't even know about its facts. In this article I am going to tell you about the most shocking and interesting facts of smoking cigarette.

Here are the top 15 interesting facts about smoking cigarette.

1. Smoking cause 1 in 5 deaths only in U.S. annually.

2. Every cigarette you take decrease about 11 minutes of your life span.

3. A research says about 69% smoker want to quit smoking but they can not because of nicotine addiction.

4. Smoking near apples computer voids the warranty.

5. A single cigarette contain about 4800 chemicals from which 69 are those which cause cancer.

6. One day of breathing in Mumbai is equivalent to smoke 100 cigarettes.

7. Urea a chemical which is found in Pee added into cigarette to enhance its flavor. 

8. Recent studies says that cigarette damage your body within a minutes not in years.

9. There are about 10 million cigarette sold within a minute and in about every eigth minute someone dies because of smoking.

10. "Marlbolo man" was the character which was made to promote their cigarette, Actors who played Marlbolo man died of lung cancer. 

11. A regular smoker is 5 times more likely to die because of heart attack than a non-smoker

12. Smokers have 26% more chances to have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a disease in which men can no longer get or keep an erection for intercourse.

13. A secondhand smoke contains over 7000 chemicals in which 70 cause cancer.

14. There are only about 6% smoker who get success in quitting smoking.

15. The last but most interesting fact is that if you are regular smoker then after knowing about all these facts you are still going to smoke. 


17 Jun 2014


The word weight lose has became the hottest topic nowadays, because obese people have greater chance to get many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and some other types of cancers. Obese people have to suffer from many problems in this world, they can't do as much physical activities as normal people do. Stop riding the weight loss roller coaster, feeling hungry , tired, depressed, hiding at home, turning down invitations, being lonely its time to work hard and live a healthy life. I will help you in getting rid of that lonely life. Here is this article i will tell you about three easiest ways of losing weight which will help you in losing weight faster. In this article these are the following ways i am going to write about.

1. Exercises to lose weight.
2. Fat burning foods.
3. Juice recipes to lose weight.


You can easily lose weight by doing exercise, it is the fastest way to lose body fat. To lose weight you will have to burn more calories than you take. If you don't want to change your daily calorie intake then you can lose weight by burning more calorie than you usually burn.  Start walking or cycling instead of driving. You can also go out with your pet or take stairs instead of elevator. Try to clean your house yourself, these small changes can make huge effect to your body fat.

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Instead of going to gym you can start jogging early in the morning. Daily 30 minutes of running is enough to burn your body fat.

In this given table you can see you much an average person burn calorie within an hour just by walking.
If you weighted 180lb and walk for about one hour with speed of 4.5 mph then you will burn 515 calorie of your total intake.


Although jumping rope is such a simple exercise but it is an effective exercise to lose belly fat. Daily 20 minutes of jumping rope can help you in losing body fat. A research says that ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running of eight minutes miles.


Barbell squat is also an amazing way to lose weight, it will effect on your glute , hips and thighs. Stand straight put a weight on your shoulder and bend at your knees as you are going to sit on a cheer an then stand up. Keep doing it for about 5 minutes an then take a break and start it again. do it for about 20 minutes a day.

Hope this picture will help you in better understanding.

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So these were the 3 most simplest exercise you can do for weight lose. Keep doing these exercise daily and you will see the difference within 15 days.


So here in this part i am going to tell you about seven best foods which will help you in burning you fat.
you can easily lose weight by eating there any some foods which have very high thermogenic effect, so you burn calories as you chew them.



It lowers the blood sugar level. Hight blood sugar level cause obesity.


It is an metabolic activator.


They contain high amount of vitamin C which lower the body fat.


They contain packets of pectin which let the cells allow to absorb it up instead of fat.


Garlic is act as a thermogenic in body, it lowers the high blood sugar level and also know as fat burning enhancer.


The last but the best food which will help you in losing body fat fast. It increase you rate of metabolism and help you in losing belly fat. Two cups of green tea a day is enough for living a healthy life.

So there were the six best fat burning foods. Try to take the above foods daily  they will help you in losing body fat without doing any diet or exercise.


Juices are really effective and we can easily lose weight by juicing. Juicing is an simple but effective way to burn fat. I am going to tell you about two best juices which are really going to help you in losing your belly fat. They will increase your rate of metabolism, lower the blood sugar level, increase blood circulation, lover the cholesterol and have many benefits.


It is an amazing juice which is really going to help you in getting a perfect shape.


1. Lemon -1/2
2. Apples - 2 medium
3. Celery - 4 stalk large
4. Cucumber - 1 medium
5. Ginger root - 1 thumb
6. Kale - 6 leafs

Mix all these ingredients and add water or milk with them, shake it and enjoy the fat burning juice. Take is only one a day. keep taking one glass a day daily.


It is also an amazing juice. The ingredients using in this juice are very effective for fat. Beets and treats juice in cleaning the liver and the liver helps metabolize fat.


1. Beet root - 1 beet
2. Cabbage - 2 leaf
3. Carrots - 3 medium
4. Lemon - 1 large
5. Orange - 1 medium
6. Pineapple - 1/4 fruit
7. spinach - 2 handful

Mix all the ingredients with water and enjoy the juice.

So these were the two best fat burning food. if you take them daily once a day you will see the effect every soon. They will not only help you in losing weight but also going to help you in preventing from some diseases.

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 It may took you about 15 minutes in reading the whole article so congratulation you have lost you first 15 calories  Hope that article is going to help you. 

21 Apr 2014

Save on Your Online Purchases Using ZealVouchers

zeal vouchers

The trend of shopping online is getting extensively popular day by day. Retailers of all types are expanding their features like mobile apps, free shipping, cash on delivery and other paying options and etc. The world is changing, people are busy on their work. They don't have time to go to shopping malls and super stores. So they prefer buying right from their homes as it saves your time and effort.

While purchasing online, people who want to save, first look for some discount offers and deals so that they can save on their purchases. Are you one of those persons who prefer purchasing online? Do you want to save on your purchases? Is your answer 'Yes'? If your answer is really yes then you are the luckiest person to read this post.

In this post, I am going to talk to you about a website themed on Discount coupons / Vouchers that will let you get biggest discount while buying anything online from any leading brand in the UK. Yes, I am talking about ZealVouchers. ZealVouchers is a discount / coupon website that gives you discount coupons & deals for your online purchases from any of the top UK brands.

ZealVouchers deals are the best way to save on your online purchases. They are currently providing many discount deals, discount vouchers and promotional codes for free delivery offers. Some of their offers are: Argos 70% off selected clothing, Worldwide Offer to Dubai For $399 and etc. They update the list of their offers and add new ones on monthly basis.

ZealVouchers is a new discounts & vouchers website. However, I guess that as the time goes, it will become one of the leading discount vouchers and deals website. So when you are going to purchase the next item online, do check Zealvouchers.co.uk for discount offers. 

5 Apr 2014

Health Benefits of Coffee | 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

health benefits of coffee
I am never very fond of coffee and took it only few times in my life. Honestly I took coffee only for taste. One day my cousin told me about the health benefits of taking coffee. So I do a research to reveal the benefits which the coffee contains in itself. After research very deeply I wanted tell you the major health benefits which I think coffee contains.

Coffee is a Performance Booster

If you use coffee regularly then after sometime you will notice increase in your working capacity. One of my cousins who is very fond of coffee told me that whenever I have exams it is my routine to take coffee several times a day because it will help me to study for several hours regularly without tiredness. It is reality that many athletes and sportsmen use coffee to increase their stamina and performance.

Coffee Lowers The Risk of Cancers

It help to decrease the risk of many cancers including men and women. The risk of prostate cancer in men become low when they use coffee regularly specially elders are advised to take coffee several times a day to prevent prostate cancer. Women who use coffee could help them the chances of endometrial cancer. Coffee also decreases the risk level in cancers like lungs cancer, breast and stomach etc.

Coffee Lowers Risk of Heart Attacks

Many doctors advise patients to take coffee 2 or 3 times a day because it strengthens our heart system and decrease the risk of heart attacks. Coffee contains caffeine which not allows blood pressure to become high therefore chances of heart attack decreases.

Coffee Protects From Brain Diseases

It is proved from research that the intake of coffee will help to protect you from different brain diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and dementia, According to study coffee will help in reduction of Alzheimer level by 50% and it will also help the risk of parkinsonism from 30% to 60%. So if take coffee regularly especially if anyone in your family has one of these diseases because many studies result in that these diseases are genetically transforms.

Coffee Lowers The Risk of Diabetes 2

When you observe you will come to know that people who intakes coffee two or three times a day could hardly diagnose with Diabetes 2. According to study taking 3 cups of coffee will reduce your risk level for Diabetes 2 about 30% because coffee contains chlorogenic acid and the alkaloid trigonelline 

8 Mar 2014

5 Best Healthy Foods For Your Kids

After many posts for adults, I think that I should write a post for children that what is good for them to eat. In my view every mom wants to give her kid healthy foods. Foods for your kids should be full of necessary nutrients to grow your kid well and strengthen their muscles as well as keep them healthier. Therefore I have come up with five healthy foods which are better for your kids to stay them healthy.
healthy foods for kids

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If your kid don’t like milk then go for the alternative one which is yogurt. Yogurt can be used with other dishes to get more taste. Yogurt is a good nutrition for your kid because the high amount of calcium and protein it contains. I suggest you to go for Greek yogurt which is very high in protein.


Flaxseed is rich in fiber and protein and it would boost your kids' brain performance. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the brain. It will not allow depression to touch your kid. So always include this nutty food a part of your kid’s food plan to make their brains sharper.

Tuna Fish

Another great source of protein is tuna fish which is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It will also contain essential vitamins and minerals. You can serve tuna fish in a shape of different recipes which they eat with more interest and joy. Tuna Mac from Spark recipes, Tuna Boats a recipe of ‘Can do Street” Colorful Tuna a recipe of Super Healthy Kids are the recipes which the kids mostly like.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another delicious food which is great source of Potassium, fiber and vitamin A & C. Hence it is a good nutrient for your kids to grow well and maintain good health. There are many delicious recipes which you can serve to your kids like Sweet Potato Fritters, Sweet Potato Fries and Sweet Potato casserole etc.


Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast dish and it is also good for your kids as it is rich in fiber. If your kid is overweight then you should use it as a permanent breakfast recipe which will help to lose your kids weight because it will reduce cholesterol level of your kid as well as yours. It is also very beneficial for those adults who have higher LDL cholesterol levels.

15 Feb 2014

How To Build Stamina

how to build stamina
When the word stamina used, the meaning which came in my mind is to measure one’s fitness level through different kind of activities. Stamina means to perform any kind of physical activity like walking, swimming, jogging with less tiredness. Having the capacity or power to perform an activity for longer and constant period of time is also called stamina. If you have high endurance and stamina level then it is easy for you to perform all your daily life activities with less fatigue. In this post we will share you some tips on how to build stamina

People usually ask these questions on the internet and search on Google: How to build stamina, how to build stamina fast, how can I build my stamina, ways to build stamina, ways to increase stamina level and etc. And you are probable one of them. If you read this post and act upon it, I believe that you will never have to Google any article on how to build stamina.

How To Build Stamina

Listed below are some tips on how to build stamina.

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

One should take care of his diet if they want to improve his stamina level. Make a table for your eating of a whole week or month. Keep fruits and vegetables dominating your recipies because it will make your health better. Also use protein balance, protein is very important. It makes your muscles strong. Do not take heavy foods and try to keep fasting for 2 or 3 days in a month to keep your body healthy.

Jogging and Running

Now come to some practical steps which can help you to build stamina. In my view jogging or running is the very best exercise to build stamina and it is also beneficial for your heart as it is cardiovascular exercise. In the start it is not easy for you to run for a very long distance so you should increase the distance of your jogging when you examining that your stamina is increasing, it is upto you that in how much time your body would build stamina. Try to get a company of one of your friend who is a good runner and who will motivate and help you running. You will get good company as well :-).

Start Yoga

Yoga is very important so it is best that you would start Yoga to build your breathing level because when you start running you could face shortening of breath which makes running difficult for you. So there is many Yoga exercises through which you can gain good breathing level. Yoga also play key role to increase your mental health.


Cycling is easy comparatively to running as it would not take much energy but it will help a lot to build your stamina and it is also a cardiovascular exercise. Also start cycling and try to make a it for a longer period of time. Try to decrease the timing and increase the distance of your cycling which will help you to develop your stamina and also your breathing level.


I like swimming very much and swimming is very interesting and funny exercise, one would also gain fitness and easily increase his endurance and stamina level. Swimming would help you a lot to shape your body beautiful and to make your body muscles strong. It is not necessary to swim at a daily basis one would swim at weekend but one should keep swimming in his schedule.

So these were some tips on how to build stamina

Having any question related to how to build stamina? Ask in the comments below.

10 Feb 2014

5 Best Low Calorie Fruits To Eat

Dieting with fruits and vegetables would enable you to get your desirable results in a shorter period of time. Many fruits are low in calories and very beneficial for your health. Make fruits part of your diet plan because fruits are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and fiber as well. You can convert your favorite fruits into juices to get extra taste and it would allow your digestive system to digest the nutrients more efficiently in your body. You have to choose the fruits with low calorie and with many health benefits. So I am trying to give you the list of 5 low calorie fruits which you could eat and decrease your weight.

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Cranberries are very low in calorie, you would get only 45 calories from one cup. Cranberries are red in color which only found in cooler areas. Cranberries are found in Europe and United States of America. If contains many beneficial nutrients as well as rich in antioxidants. It will give you many health benefits and care many kinds of diseases like Cancers, decrease heart attack risk, Urinary Infections and kidneys and bladders diseases.


Apricots is one of the best summer fruits with low calories. About 100g Apricots contains approximately 50 calories. This summer fruit is rich in vitamin-A and carotenes as well as Potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. This summer fruit is mainly grow in Asian countries.


This apple shape fruit is rich of minerals and multivitamins, it contains vitamin A, C, E and K and many other minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and calcium. Each peach weighs about 130g and in 100gram there is about 39 calories. This juicy fruit has also many health benefits like it is very good for eyes, skin and will contribute to lose your weight as well as peaches are rich in fiber.


Strawberry is one of the popular and most eating fruit in the world. It is mostly used in juices and in ice cream. It is also a low calorie fruit with many kinds of health benefits. It contains 50 calories in 100g. This God’s gifted fruit is rich in Vitamin C, you will get about 51mg vitamin C from only one piece of strawberry. It will strengthen your immune system, care your eyes and it will prevent cancer as well.


Grapefruit has only 42 calories per 100grams and it is rich in vitamin C as well as it is bitter in taste. I t has many varieties like white, red and pink etc. This sour taste fruit would help you to decrease your cholesterol level and to reduce your weight. And it is also very good to prevent arthritis, Cancer and as well as many other ailments. 

So this was the list of some of the best low calorie fruits that you should eat if you are in diet and want to lose some weight. Hope this helps you. If you think I've missed anything in the article, let me know in the comments below.

5 Feb 2014

Daily Diet Plan To stay Healthy

Daily Diet Plan - It is very important to make a dieting plan for your daily life to maintain your fitness and health and if you are over weight then it is necessary for you to make a daily diet plan. Some people think that diet only means to eat less or to limit themselves to strict dieting guide but it is about managing your daily diet with planning that what you should eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In this post I am going to share some information about how to manage your daily diet plan.
Daily Diet Plan


To maintain better health it is very important to must take breakfast and the breakfast should be rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates which would help you to perform all your activities energetically. If you want to lose your weight then keep in mind the people who took breakfast regularly are successful to lose weight quickly without any harm.

You can add greek yogurt in your daily diet plan which has calcium and double amount of protein comparatively to simple yogurt. Bananas are also a good choice if you are in a hurry and getting late then you should eat bananas which will give you the ability to perform daily tasks actively. Eggs are very old breakfast food you should also take eggs in your breakfast because of protein it contains. If you have any kind of heart problem then don’t take it without the doctor’s advice.


One should also take lunch to regain the energy after doing daily tasks and it is also better for your health to eat an health meal in lunch to maintain your good health. If you are an office employ then don’t underestimate the importance of lunch because it will reenergize you to get back and start your work with same energy. Lunch would reduce your stress which is occurring due to consistent work. You should even make a diet plan to take your daily lunches that what to eat and what not to eat. You can eat Skinny Tuna Sandwich on Sprouted Grain Bread which would not allow your weight to increase because it is low in calories. Chicken Panini is another delicious dish you can eat at lunch which would satisfy your extreme hunger with it taste and only 290 calories it contains.


You should not go to sleep without eating dinner because many health problems could be developed if you are not having dinner. Take dinner approximately 2 or 3 hours before you are going to sleep, it would give time to your digestive system to do its work. You should a healthy dinner because after dinner you won’t eat for another 10 or 12 hours so it should be healthy. I would suggest you to go with protein rich foods in dinner by picking beef, chicken, fish or beans which you like. Don’t be very strict you can eat up to 400 calorie in dinner because there is a long night to go with no meal, but keep in mind that the dish you are making is low in fat.

This type of daily diet plan can help live healthy.