10 Sep 2013


The reddish complexion of lips sometimes get darkens and you lose you red lips. Getting soft red lips is the desire of everyone especially of girls and why it won't, red or pink lips give them a perfect look. According to research it has said that people tends to those who have red or pink lips. Red lips are kissable and make your face more noticeable. So today i am going to write on why you get dark lips. It's not a difficult task to get redder lips but to maintain them. Here i am going to share some main causes which leads you to get dark lips.

First of all let me tell you what makes your lips dark. Here i am sharing what are the causes of getting dark lips.

1. Dark lips have been cause by smoking the most common reason of why we get dark lips.

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2. Excessive amount of beverages like coffeetea, alcoholic drinks leads you to get dark lips.

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3. Exposure to sun will also make your lips dark, try to wear caps or lipstick. Don't expose your lips to sun.

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4. Cosmetic products, too much use of cosmetic products can also get you dark lips. Lipstick the most common product used by every girl can also turn your lips dark.

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5. licking lips can also cause you lips to get dark and dry. It sounds weird but it has proved that licking lips cause them to turn dark.

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So these are the common causes of dark lips. Try to avoid from taking to much coffee or tea etc, don't smoke. Do not use too much commercial products. This tips will help you to prevent your natural lips color. 
1. Try to drink a lot of water, keep hydrated.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits specially those which are red in color. 

3. Exfoliate your lips at least twice a week.

4. Get moisturizer and rub it all over our lips, let it on your lips for overnight, it will soak into your lips and make them soft and red.