15 Sept 2013


How to grow taller fast is the most common question rise in short guys. Researched have proved that 94% girls think that height is the most important attractive feature in boys. Research has also proved that taller guys are more successful than short guys, they live happier life than short guys and also make more money. Look around yourself model, wrestlers, cricketers, footballer all are taller in their height. There is no any magic pill which makes you look taller within a week or two weeks, everything takes time you will not become taller in short period.
If you are under 18 then may you grow faster with these tips but if you are over 18 then it's really gonna take hard work, you also have to work a lot and be patient. You can be taller within 4-5 weeks.

5 Tips Which Help You To Grow Taller Fast

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So here i am going to share 5 tips which help you to get taller fast. There s no need to worry about if you are short guy, you can be taller, you can be like as all of your other friends are. height is all about genes which your parents passed to you but there are still some natural tips, exercises, etc which can help you to add some more inches in your height, lets have a look on these tips.


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look the the above image, it's growth-avoiding factor of why we don't get average height. So try to sleep straight. It is an important factor, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. while sleeping  pituitary glands do their job and produce HGH ( human growth hormone ) which increase and help to add inches to your height. It is proven by scientist that while sleeping  pituitary glands produce more HGH.


It is also health avoiding factor, try to sit straight. It also helps you to get taller faster. It is very important to sit in correct position, it sounds pretty easy but many people sit with curve back and cross legs. wrong sitting position can damage your health, height, shape etc. healthy sitting is really important for getting taller height.


Diet is an important factor, if you want to become taller then first thing which helps you to get success to your goal is proper diet. If you are serious about your height then you should put special attention to your diet. Try to take more protein, calcium and vitamins. protien helps you to make you bones stronger, calcium is also helps you bone to make them stronger and longer. Now vitamins, specially vitamin D is very important for growing taller. Great source of getting vitamin D are fish and sunlight.


It's another factor which can help you to add some more inches to your height. Small meat are easier to digest. Try to eat small meals on daily basis it will help you to digest you meal and let you grow faster. Large meal produce abnormal amount of insulin in your body and inhibits growth hormone release. 


Exercise is also very an important factor. Exercise can surely increase your height, you want to see the example look at the bodybuilder around yourself, look at the WWE champions, look at the wrestles, look at the athletes all are tall in their height just because they do exercise. There is not any particular exercise for getting tall height. Just don't try to lift weight, you can run, do crunches, hanging, pull ups cobra, toe touch etc.

I hope this article will help you, for any question related to health don't feel any hesitation just knock me in comments. Keep visiting.. :) 


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  2. I couldn't agree more, it is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle at the same time.

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  5. regular exerscise every day will make you taller iv'e grown from 168 to 175 in almost a year doing exersice, but during lots of thinking of when will i grow taller will stop your growth don't think about height. just do exerscises every day for a year and you will see results.
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