18 Aug 2013

6 Low Calorie Fast Foods

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If you are thinking to make a low calorie diet plan but you also want to have some fast foods then you need to gather a list of fast foods that are low in calorie. Some people (including me) are fond of fast foods so in this post I have come up with the list of 6 low calorie fast foods which you can eat and these fast foods will not allow your body to increase weight.

Low Calorie Fast Foods That Will Not Let You Gain Weight

McDonald’s Regular Hamburger

When you go to McDonald’s to eat burger then don’t go for Big Mac because it is high in calories. McDonald’s Hamburger is the one which I like so much it has low cheese and is low in calorie. Big Mac is almost double in calories comparatively to Hamburger.

Nutrition Facts

Calories = 250
Total Fat = 12.5g
Saturated Fat = 3.5g
Protein = 12g

Fresco Style Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco

At Taco Bell you would find many tasty fast foods with low calories. I would suggest you to go for Fresco Style Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco which is very low in calories but you would find it very tasty. Another great thing which you get there is that you will be serves tomatoes, cilantro instead of cheese and sauce which will cut more calories and better for your heath.

Nutrition Facts

Calories =170
Total Fat = 4g
Saturated Fat = 1g
Protein = 12g

Subway 6 Roast Beef

Subway is one of the best health site where you could find best healthy fast foods recipes. Subway 6 Roast beef Sandwich is low in calories so you can take it at your lanch time to remove your hunger without increasing fats.

Nutrition Facts

Calories  = 290
Fat = 5g
Saturated Fat = 2g
Protein = 19g

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal is the nice option to be used in breakfast. It is full of grain and with different type of dry fruit, nut medley and sugar. I would suggest you to take it with dry fruits to get a nice taste of this fiber rich Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal.

Nutrition Facts

Calories = 150
Total Fat = 2.5g
Protein = 5g

Taco Bell Bean Burrito 

Now come to some vegetarian style with tasty and low calorie with Taco Bell Bean Burrito. By eating this vegetable fast food you will get nice amount fiber, protein and as well as many kind of necessary vitamins. It is better to take this vegetable food at your lunch time.

Nutrition Facts

Calories = 370
Total Fat = 11g
Saturated Fat = 4g
Protein = 13g

Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger

Wendy’s is another good reputation fast food restaurant to offer you different type of fast food. Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger is the fast food dish which I like very much because you can get the delicious taste with low calorie and without disturbing your diet plan.

Nutrition Facts

Calories = 390
Total Fat = 10g
Saturated Fat = 4.5g

Protein = 34g 

I hope you liked these low calorie fast foods and will go to eat them without worrying about gaining your weight. 


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