20 Jul 2013

The Most Common Dieting And Weight Loss Mistakes

Image Credit: huffington post
So you have finally decided to lose your weight and start your diet and all of your exercise plans. But you did not see any change even after a week. Your are doing everything accurately and following all the diet plans and trying to do exercise daily, eating healthy fruits and veggies daily, now your enthusiasm starts slowly running away and now you are going to leave that diet plan because it's not working but after reading this article, you are really going to lose weight. Here are some big and most common dieting and weight loss mistakes.


Most of the girls try to eat less they think eating less will make them look thinner but actually it is the biggest mistake did by us. Low exercise is the most common mistake. keep in mind that if your are going to lose your weight then the first step is exercising. If you have decided to lose weight then you have to start exercise at least 4 times a week, we can burn calories by exercising or if you do not want to go gym, 30 minutes jogging is enough. 


As we all know, whenever someone try to lose weight the first think they do is mostly cutting their calorie intake. Most of the boys and girls cut their breakfast because they think that if they do not eat, their body will use calories in their body, yes they are right but skipping breakfast cause more fat. It has proved that when a stomach leave empty for more than 9-10 hours, body start storing  fat.


Lack of relaxation is another matter, you must need 8 hours rest. If you are doing everything right then take a look at your sleeping pattern. There are 2 factors why lack of sleeping cause weight lossing hard.
  1. Chronically high level of cortisol can make losing fat very hard. Physical and emotional stress can also cause increase in level of cortisol.
  2. If you do not have enough time to sleep then it will be harder for you to lose weight, because while sleeping we cut of some extra fat.


We all think that juices and cold drinks will not damage our dieting plan but actually they do.
Too much intake of sugar (juices) cause fat and will also make it harder to lose weight. Dieting is not only what you eat, it also matters what you drink. A major mistake most people tends to do is drinking too much liquid calories. There is only one drink which can help you to lose weight.  checkout our article on How To Lose Weight By Green Tea


Are you one of those who take care of their diet plan but only for 6 days and they think sunday is the day of fun so forget about the plan and lets of some junk foods, visit Mcdonals and have party, but actually it's wrong. You should know that about 6-out of 7 days diet will not give you good result, if you want quick and great result then follow your diet plan without skipping any of the day.


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