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25 Jul 2013

Weight Lose By Lemon ( The Lemon Diet )

To lose weight is always not so difficult, there are many other ways to lose weight. Whenever we do research on how to lose weight mostly the result we get are lose weight by dieting or by exercising. But today the method that I am going to share with you is the easiest and most effective. How to lose weight by lemon.

23 Jul 2013


Acne (aka= acne vulgaris ) is the most common disease in adults and teenagers. If you 
think you are the only one who get acne then it's just your thought ok let me tell you something intresting about it. About 80% people get acne between the ages of 11 to 30. 
60 million of americans have acne ( 20% of them are adults ) and 25% of them will have permenant scars. Take a example of your class, it has proved that about 6 out of 10 of your friends have experinced from acne problem. So there is no need to worry about it, everybody suffers from this problem. In this article i will tell you about what are pimples, what are the causes of pimples and tips to remove and prevent pimples.  

22 Jul 2013


So today i am going to share tips and tricks which help you to get naturally long hair. It is a dream of every girl to get long and healthy hair. It increase their beauty. One of the biggest myth about black hair is that black hair doesn't grow as quickly as other types of hair grow. But it is just a myth nothing happened in this world like that. By testing it has proved that all hairs grow about 1/2 inch per month but it totally depends on how we treat them. So today i am sharing some tips which really help you to get longer hair and tips which make you hairs look more healthy and shinny.


Long, shiny and thick hair is the symbol of your health not only exterior but interior too. When you see you hair is damaged the first think come into your mind is to deep condition it and you by commercial products for it but don't forget these commercial products can damage your hair, so what you guys think about homemade conditioners, yes i am talking about homemade conditioners and the good thing is these conditioners has no side effect so feel free to use it.market as it is homemade so just open your refrigerator and you will find a  I will tell you about two most effective homemade conditioners. There is no need to visit shop open you fridge and you will see an excellent conditioner. So lets take a look on these conditioners.


20 Jul 2013


Having a clear skin is a desire of every adult nowadays. In all the the actress and actor the common thing is their glowing skin which make them look good. So today i will tell you how to get clear skin in one week.
Mostly guys use face washes, face masks for getting glowing skin. Not everybody can afford dermatologist or commercial products for getting clear skin, here i am going to share a cheap way to get clear skin within one week. If you want to get clear skin then the first thing you have to do is to make your skin clean, here you will see a way to clean the skin without any commercial product.

STEP 1. 

Steam your face or run a cloth in hot water and then put it on your face. It will help you to clan out the dirt from your pores. 



Acne is the most common skin disease. There can be many reasons of acne, it can be because of the increase in testosterone, dirt, it is also because of pores clogging and some people got them genetically. Face mask is the best choice and an amazing way to get acne free skin. Put these homemade face masks, try too keep you skin clean from dirt and soon and you will have acne free skin. Read our article on how to remove pimples (tips to get rid of acnies on face). . I am going to share some most effective homemade face masks which help you to get clear skin.

The Most Common Dieting And Weight Loss Mistakes

Image Credit: huffington post
So you have finally decided to lose your weight and start your diet and all of your exercise plans. But you did not see any change even after a week. Your are doing everything accurately and following all the diet plans and trying to do exercise daily, eating healthy fruits and veggies daily, now your enthusiasm starts slowly running away and now you are going to leave that diet plan because it's not working but after reading this article, you are really going to lose weight. Here are some big and most common dieting and weight loss mistakes.