10 Feb 2013

How To Lose Weight By Green Tea

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor. Daily use of green tea is very healthy for us. We can get many benefits drinking green tea. It helps us to loss weight. It can decrease the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure and it is also good for our skin.
There are many more benefits of green tea. But, in this post we will just talk about losing weight by green tea.


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We can lose our weight just by taking green tea daily. It is the best and the easiest way of burning fat. The best brand for weight loss is ultra lean green tea. It helps you to lose weight faster. Here are two main reasons why green tea helps you to lose weight.

  1. It Boosts Metabolism

              Green tea boosts our metabolism and makes us slim and keeps us looking younger.

     2.  Burns More Calories

             Scientists have proved that green tea can burn more calories from our body without doing work.


So in order to lose your weight, you should not take a lot of green tea daily. The university of Maryland Medical Center recommends us to drink two or three cup of green tea, or 100 to 750mg of green tea is enough for our health including weight lose. 


Intake of green tea three times a day will increase your metabolism by 4%. If you take green tea three times a day then you can lose 1 to 2lbs in a week or two. Keep taking green tea daily. It is not a big task to take green tea. And it is said to be the best way of losing weight.

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  1. I don't really like green tea, but after trying it out for about two weeks I feel like it helps my body. Even though I haven't gotten used to the taste yet, I am still drinking it because of the amazing benefits it gives me.:)

  2. I have over weight. I think green tea is a perfect way to lose my weight. Yes I will take green tea three times a day. I appreciate you for this interesting post.

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  8. Green tea is full in anti oxidants in keeping up with healthy body and vigor.

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