16 Feb 2013

5 Tips to boost up your brain power.

So today's article is about the ways which can boost up your brainpower. Many of us are worried because of their brainpower. They cant solve maths questions while your friend behind you can easily do it. So the question is why you cant solve it. The answer is about your food intake. He takes more healthy foods then you. Our brain is just of 3lbs and consume only 20 percent your our daily intake. But it is the most important part of your body. So here are some tips which can boost up your brainpower.


Researches has proved that fish contain high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. omega-3 is also found in bread and butter. two breads with butter is equal to one fish with respect to the amount of omega-3 fatty acid. consumption of omega-3 can increase memory and it also contain PC (phospolipid compound) which can increase alertness nd charpness of our brain.


Green tea is very good for our health, as i already told you about health benefits of green tea and weight loss by green tea. but now i will tell you how green tea can boost up our brainpower. Green tea contain antioxidant which can increase the production of brain cell and increase our memory. It also contain amino acid and catechins which can increase our ability to focus and work on clear prospective and also increase brain sharpness.


Laughter is the best medicine for our brain as well as for our body. Laughter can make us feel good. Laughter is engaged with most of the parts of our brain and is can increase our ability to think more. Its tricks can make our brain sharp. According to the psychologist  Daniel Goleman notes he writes. "laughter... seems to help people think more broadly and associated more freely".


Sweeten your brain boosting diet. It is good news for chocolate lovers. Antioxidant in chocolate can increase brain ability. Flavonoids found in chocolate also good for our brain. Another amazing secret about chocolate is that it can help us to lose weight, it has only minor effect. it can also prevent us from fever, cold, flue etc, hence it increase the power of wight blood cells in our body which prevent us from diseases. Apple red and purple grapes, red wine , onion and beer also contain same things which are in chocolate.


Sleeping is also important for our brain. while sleeping some part of our brain are in rest. while watching television, working, eating, mostly in every work our brain is use. but brain need rest which it take by sleeping. so sleep atleast 7 to 8 hour daily. It is good for both for our brain and for our body.

and that's it, there were the tips for boost up our brain. hope you all like it. do not forget to leave comment for us and feel free while asking questions for us, you can share any of your problem with us, we will try our best to solve it, keep visiting...



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