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How to grow taller fast is the most common question rise in short guys. Researched have proved that 94% girls think that height is the most important attractive feature in boys...

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15 Sept 2013


How to grow taller fast is the most common question rise in short guys. Researched have proved that 94% girls think that height is the most important attractive feature in boys. Research has also proved that taller guys are more successful than short guys, they live happier life than short guys and also make more money. Look around yourself model, wrestlers, cricketers, footballer all are taller in their height. There is no any magic pill which makes you look taller within a week or two weeks, everything takes time you will not become taller in short period.
If you are under 18 then may you grow faster with these tips but if you are over 18 then it's really gonna take hard work, you also have to work a lot and be patient. You can be taller within 4-5 weeks.

5 Tips Which Help You To Grow Taller Fast

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So here i am going to share 5 tips which help you to get taller fast. There s no need to worry about if you are short guy, you can be taller, you can be like as all of your other friends are. height is all about genes which your parents passed to you but there are still some natural tips, exercises, etc which can help you to add some more inches in your height, lets have a look on these tips.


credit www.growtallerverysoon.com

look the the above image, it's growth-avoiding factor of why we don't get average height. So try to sleep straight. It is an important factor, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. while sleeping  pituitary glands do their job and produce HGH ( human growth hormone ) which increase and help to add inches to your height. It is proven by scientist that while sleeping  pituitary glands produce more HGH.


It is also health avoiding factor, try to sit straight. It also helps you to get taller faster. It is very important to sit in correct position, it sounds pretty easy but many people sit with curve back and cross legs. wrong sitting position can damage your health, height, shape etc. healthy sitting is really important for getting taller height.


Diet is an important factor, if you want to become taller then first thing which helps you to get success to your goal is proper diet. If you are serious about your height then you should put special attention to your diet. Try to take more protein, calcium and vitamins. protien helps you to make you bones stronger, calcium is also helps you bone to make them stronger and longer. Now vitamins, specially vitamin D is very important for growing taller. Great source of getting vitamin D are fish and sunlight.


It's another factor which can help you to add some more inches to your height. Small meat are easier to digest. Try to eat small meals on daily basis it will help you to digest you meal and let you grow faster. Large meal produce abnormal amount of insulin in your body and inhibits growth hormone release. 


Exercise is also very an important factor. Exercise can surely increase your height, you want to see the example look at the bodybuilder around yourself, look at the WWE champions, look at the wrestles, look at the athletes all are tall in their height just because they do exercise. There is not any particular exercise for getting tall height. Just don't try to lift weight, you can run, do crunches, hanging, pull ups cobra, toe touch etc.

I hope this article will help you, for any question related to health don't feel any hesitation just knock me in comments. Keep visiting.. :) 

14 Sept 2013


Today i am going to write on how to get red lips. Getting the perfect and naturally red lips is one of every girl's dream. Many girls have naturally red lips in their childhood but as time passes their lips become dark and darker. There are many reasons of why we lose our dark lips, check out our article on WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF DARK LIPS So in this article you will learn about how to get red lips which tips help you to get redder lips. Rose lips are one of the most important element of a girl's face. Here i am going to share natural home remedies which help you to get red lips, there is no need to wear lipstick all the time. You can get red lips at home, the remedies which i am going to share will really help you.


I am going to share 3 simple but very powerful tips which help you to get red lips at home. To get red lips is not a big task but to maintain it. So here the the tree tips which i am going to share,


credit www.jennysuemakeup.com
So brushing, as we all know everybody brush their teeth. So why do we brush, just to get clean teeth and to make them look white that's all why we brush but why don't we do the same with our lips, why don't we brush our lips to get red lips. darkness on lips is due to the accumulation of dead cells so when we brush our lips it will help us to remove those dead cells and get natural lips again.


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Exfoliate your lips 3-4 times per week, it helps you to remove dead cells, remove dryness. Daily exfoliation can get a great lips. So in order to exfoliate your lips there is no need to buy any special defoliator. You can use sugar and olive oil to exfoliate them. Mix olive oil with sugar in a boil and then make it's paste, gently rub the paste on your lips and then rinse them off. Do not forget to use moisturizer after exfoliating.


credit health.howstuffworks.com

Use moisturizer, it will help you to get redder lips fast. always moisturize your lips after exfoliating them. You can moisture you lips by lipstick or by chap stick. The right way to moisturize your lips is to leave the moisturizer on your lips for more than 7-8 hours. The best ones are blistex and carmex. Put your chap stick all over your lips and let it on them overnight. when you woke you you will see the difference it will make your lips look redder, make them smooth and soft.

10 Sept 2013


The reddish complexion of lips sometimes get darkens and you lose you red lips. Getting soft red lips is the desire of everyone especially of girls and why it won't, red or pink lips give them a perfect look. According to research it has said that people tends to those who have red or pink lips. Red lips are kissable and make your face more noticeable. So today i am going to write on why you get dark lips. It's not a difficult task to get redder lips but to maintain them. Here i am going to share some main causes which leads you to get dark lips.

First of all let me tell you what makes your lips dark. Here i am sharing what are the causes of getting dark lips.

1. Dark lips have been cause by smoking the most common reason of why we get dark lips.

credit www.indianexpress.com

2. Excessive amount of beverages like coffeetea, alcoholic drinks leads you to get dark lips.

credit www.smallworldbeauty.com

3. Exposure to sun will also make your lips dark, try to wear caps or lipstick. Don't expose your lips to sun.

credit www.lipshipsandfashiontips.com

4. Cosmetic products, too much use of cosmetic products can also get you dark lips. Lipstick the most common product used by every girl can also turn your lips dark.

credit www.bellasugar.com

5. licking lips can also cause you lips to get dark and dry. It sounds weird but it has proved that licking lips cause them to turn dark.

credit www.wikihow.com

So these are the common causes of dark lips. Try to avoid from taking to much coffee or tea etc, don't smoke. Do not use too much commercial products. This tips will help you to prevent your natural lips color. 
1. Try to drink a lot of water, keep hydrated.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits specially those which are red in color. 

3. Exfoliate your lips at least twice a week.

4. Get moisturizer and rub it all over our lips, let it on your lips for overnight, it will soak into your lips and make them soft and red.

18 Aug 2013

6 Low Calorie Fast Foods

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If you are thinking to make a low calorie diet plan but you also want to have some fast foods then you need to gather a list of fast foods that are low in calorie. Some people (including me) are fond of fast foods so in this post I have come up with the list of 6 low calorie fast foods which you can eat and these fast foods will not allow your body to increase weight.

8 Aug 2013


coconut oil's benefits are skyrocketing. So coconut oil get bad reputation because of it's high saturated fat content but research has proved that, the fat in coconut oil is not as fat usually are and it is beneficial for us. Coconut oil is said to be the best oil on earth because of it's benefits. It is our conventional thought that fat in coconut oil is not good for us and lead us to get heart disease, but actually coconut oil is heart healthy food. Nowadays people are on a bit of coconut oil kick but i am sure after reading it's benefits you will start using it if you are not already.


1 Aug 2013


Img Source: Mens fitness
Sleeping is the most important part of our life. It is the only time when we give relief to our body and take rest. I can't tell you how important it is for our life. I have heard to many people how exhausted they are for a solid night sleep. It has said that "sleep well get health" it has a lot of benefits, here i am going to share shocking health benefits of sleep. In many articles related to night's sleep I have seen that adults of ages 18-45 should take sleep at least 8 hours. But if you sleep at 2 am and wake up at 10 am will not be in tip top shape and definitely as compare to sleep at 10 pm to 6 am. check out this picture, how much sleep you really need.

25 Jul 2013

Weight Lose By Lemon ( The Lemon Diet )

To lose weight is always not so difficult, there are many other ways to lose weight. Whenever we do research on how to lose weight mostly the result we get are lose weight by dieting or by exercising. But today the method that I am going to share with you is the easiest and most effective. How to lose weight by lemon.

23 Jul 2013


Acne (aka= acne vulgaris ) is the most common disease in adults and teenagers. If you 
think you are the only one who get acne then it's just your thought ok let me tell you something intresting about it. About 80% people get acne between the ages of 11 to 30. 
60 million of americans have acne ( 20% of them are adults ) and 25% of them will have permenant scars. Take a example of your class, it has proved that about 6 out of 10 of your friends have experinced from acne problem. So there is no need to worry about it, everybody suffers from this problem. In this article i will tell you about what are pimples, what are the causes of pimples and tips to remove and prevent pimples.  

22 Jul 2013


So today i am going to share tips and tricks which help you to get naturally long hair. It is a dream of every girl to get long and healthy hair. It increase their beauty. One of the biggest myth about black hair is that black hair doesn't grow as quickly as other types of hair grow. But it is just a myth nothing happened in this world like that. By testing it has proved that all hairs grow about 1/2 inch per month but it totally depends on how we treat them. So today i am sharing some tips which really help you to get longer hair and tips which make you hairs look more healthy and shinny.


Long, shiny and thick hair is the symbol of your health not only exterior but interior too. When you see you hair is damaged the first think come into your mind is to deep condition it and you by commercial products for it but don't forget these commercial products can damage your hair, so what you guys think about homemade conditioners, yes i am talking about homemade conditioners and the good thing is these conditioners has no side effect so feel free to use it.market as it is homemade so just open your refrigerator and you will find a  I will tell you about two most effective homemade conditioners. There is no need to visit shop open you fridge and you will see an excellent conditioner. So lets take a look on these conditioners.


20 Jul 2013


Having a clear skin is a desire of every adult nowadays. In all the the actress and actor the common thing is their glowing skin which make them look good. So today i will tell you how to get clear skin in one week.
Mostly guys use face washes, face masks for getting glowing skin. Not everybody can afford dermatologist or commercial products for getting clear skin, here i am going to share a cheap way to get clear skin within one week. If you want to get clear skin then the first thing you have to do is to make your skin clean, here you will see a way to clean the skin without any commercial product.

STEP 1. 

Steam your face or run a cloth in hot water and then put it on your face. It will help you to clan out the dirt from your pores. 



Acne is the most common skin disease. There can be many reasons of acne, it can be because of the increase in testosterone, dirt, it is also because of pores clogging and some people got them genetically. Face mask is the best choice and an amazing way to get acne free skin. Put these homemade face masks, try too keep you skin clean from dirt and soon and you will have acne free skin. Read our article on how to remove pimples (tips to get rid of acnies on face). . I am going to share some most effective homemade face masks which help you to get clear skin.

The Most Common Dieting And Weight Loss Mistakes

Image Credit: huffington post
So you have finally decided to lose your weight and start your diet and all of your exercise plans. But you did not see any change even after a week. Your are doing everything accurately and following all the diet plans and trying to do exercise daily, eating healthy fruits and veggies daily, now your enthusiasm starts slowly running away and now you are going to leave that diet plan because it's not working but after reading this article, you are really going to lose weight. Here are some big and most common dieting and weight loss mistakes.

25 Jun 2013


Juices are the best way to get glowing skin because mask, creams and make-up thing like that only make you skin look good from outside when when we leave it, our skin become as it was. So in order to get a glowing skin you have to drinks juices contain vitamins, protien etc. Whenever we visit doctor he always give us advice to drink a lot of water eat fresh fruits. It's just because he knows that if we make our diet good it make our skin look good. So here i am going to share some juices.


16 Jun 2013


Flat stomach is a dream for every girl. Some of them get flat stomach while some are those who do not know what to do and how to do. So i am here to help those girls. If you want to get flat tummy than the first step to realising that it's gonna take some hard work. I am not gonna share a miracle thing everything takes time. There are few tips which help you to tone your belly fast. you will see and feel difference even in one week. Just follow these exercises and tips to get flat stomach.

31 May 2013


Dark circles are problem of many girls, it's very frustrating to them. some of girl try to hide them with make-up. But we can naturally remove them by using some masks and prevention from somethings. Eyes are the very first part of our face looked by others. Dark circles make you look tired and exhausted. Look at your mirror, look at these dark circles, do you think your eyes are bright, fresh and attractive with dark circles absloutly your answer will be in negation. Ok so here i am gonna share some tips which help you to get rid of these circles which make you look sick, tired and exhausted.

18 Feb 2013

how to remove pimples (tips to get rid of acnies on face).

hello guys, so today i am going to tell you about some tips to get rid of acnes, how to remove pimples is not a big task to do. Skin is the largest organ of our body. Acnes are not a disease it is normal, about 80% peoples got acnes. we can get acnes at any age even babies. But we can get rid of acnes by natural remedies, by some pills, or other there are many ways by which we can remove acnes. So i will tell you about some tips which help you to get rid of acnes.

16 Feb 2013

Weight losing tips

Weight loss is said to be the most common topic nowadays, because 40 percent of men and 30 percent of women are overweight, while 24 percent of men and 27 percent of women are obese. Losing weight is not a big deal, we can easily lose our weight. Today, I will tell you about two methods. One is that we can lose our weight by dieting. And the other way is by exercising. Let's take a look at both the two methods to lose wight.

5 Tips to boost up your brain power.

So today's article is about the ways which can boost up your brainpower. Many of us are worried because of their brainpower. They cant solve maths questions while your friend behind you can easily do it. So the question is why you cant solve it. The answer is about your food intake. He takes more healthy foods then you. Our brain is just of 3lbs and consume only 20 percent your our daily intake. But it is the most important part of your body. So here are some tips which can boost up your brainpower.

11 Feb 2013

7 Health Benefits Of Green Tea

I have already written an article about green tea, it was about weight loss by green tea. Today I am going to write an article about health benefits of green tea. Green tea has a lot of health benefits. Green tea is said to be the most common beverage and is the most beneficial for us.  Those who are habitual to normal tea may not like its taste first, but I am sure that it will be their favorite, very soon.
In this post, you will learn 7 health benefits of green tea. And here they are.

10 Feb 2013

How To Lose Weight By Green Tea

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor. Daily use of green tea is very healthy for us. We can get many benefits drinking green tea. It helps us to loss weight. It can decrease the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure and it is also good for our skin.
There are many more benefits of green tea. But, in this post we will just talk about losing weight by green tea.


8 Feb 2013

How To Get Glowing Skin

So guys, today I am going to tell you how to get glowing skin. Clear skin is a sign of youth, good health and vitality.One thing you will note in every star is his/her glowing and healthy skin. Stars like Jessica Biel, Justin Bieber and Emma Stone, everybody has got a healthy and glowing skin. It is totally possible to get and maintain healthy, glowing skin. So, here are some best tips to make your skin good looking, healthy and glowing.