23 Jun 2012

Habits That Help You Reduce Weight


This post has nothing to do with the country, with the recession, with your best friend's girlfriend breaking up on him or anything else. This is about you. You personally and about how you can be that person you've always wanted to be, that thin and toned guy/lady. Well, okay, this could be for everyone who's struggling from being overweight, or, being cruelly said, FAT.
Now I'll bet: if there's one thing you hate other than the sand stuck in the bottom of your bikini or trunks, it is the thought and feeling of being that fig creature.
You might turn a half blinded eye and continue to pretend that not losing weight is okay. The one who says, "So, I'm fat. I'll just be fat and shut up about it." You can't be that person for too long. Stop thinking that inside of you is a thin person struggling to get out, but is then sedated with just few pieces of chocolates.
Though there's a lot more to life than how fat or thin you are, you just can't kick the hell out of it. Your situation cannot be put in a sulking game.
Now, that is the very reason why you are reading this article. As you read on, this post aims to introduce to you the different habits to lose weight Feel free to list on your notes these habits:
One thing, you don't have to fret for these are not the common diets and workout programs which no one can stick to for long.
1. Start small. Though losing weight is a big goal, it does not require you to take huge steps. Doing your routines overnight won't just do. Losing weight should not be an awful process. Enjoy life.
2. When shopping or going to the grocery, make sure that you have a full belly. It's a disaster to go into a grocery shop when you're hungry. Along with this, you should have prepared at least a short list.
3. Eat less and move more.
4. Always start your day eating a breakfast. This is important as you need to refuel yourself from a long night's sleep to get your metabolism on track.
5. Serve food in individual plates. Bowls of food on the table beg to be eaten. So whenever serving a meal, put the extras on the stove.
6. Eat what you want when it is time to eat. Never ever eat in between the 3 main meals.
7. Try not to eat after dinner. Eating during dinner will make you extra pounds.
8. Eat regular meals then brush your teeth after. This will help you reduce the temptation to eat more.
9. Avoid eating processed foods. Keep your foods as natural as possible. Try juicing fruits and veggies.
10. Give yourself rewards. Such are great motivators.
You might list all the possible tips, habits to lose weight or whatsoever list you have to lose weight, but hey, did you deliver those? This is the most important habit you must develop - keeping the above list in sight, cause if you won't then there's no point to all of these.
Make up your mind to these habits and if you do, everything will fall into place. Change your habits today and lose weight forever!
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