31 May 2012


Watermelon: A  watermelon is a fruit easily available in markets. It is found very fresh in summer season. It contains about 92% water and 6% sugar in it. Two-cup serving of watermelon contains large amount of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A  B6 & C and it provides potassium. Watermelon also contains a high amount of lycopene.

Good for skin: Watermelon is rich in vitamin A B6 & C which keeps your skin fresh and hydrated. It has 92% of water, and water is very necessary for skin. It contains great amount of lycopene, a study shows that lycopene protects your skin against sunburn and sun damage.

One daily serving of watermelon or watermelon juice will protect your skin from sun damage, make your skin fresh and lovely and keep your skin free from blemishes.

Watermelon toner: Watermelon toner freshen up your skin and keeps it hydrated. It makes your skin lovely, clean & clear. 
  You need the following things to make a watermelon toner.

  • One cup watermelon chunks.
  • Half orange.
  • One cup water.
Put watermelon chunks, orange and water into a blender to make juice. After making juice, strain the liquid into a cup. And this liquid is your watermelon toner. Put the toner into a spray and apply daily with the spray and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
You can refrigerate this toner for 4 to 5 days for applying it daily.

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